Yaki Ya Grill | Japanese cuisine at Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall London

Yaki Ya!.

At Yaki Ya! you can experience the real taste of yakitori, one of the most popular take-away foods in Japan. Yakitori is freshly cooked meat served on a skewer and grilled to perfection over charcoal. Just delicious. Specially when dipped in our unique Yaki Ya sauce. Our on-site chef, an expert in Japanese cuisine, cooks your yakitori stick in front of you. Attention to detail and the freshest ingredients give you the finest Yakatori this side of Tokyo. And with our teriyaki-style sauces that are specially prepared over 48 hours, it’s just unbeatable. There’s a full compliment of delicious meats, fish, seafood or vegetables served with either sea salt or lemon juice. We have traditional chicken, beef and pork or you can choose from grilled squids, king prawns, salmon, mackerel, and cod eggs as well as shitake mushroom with cheese, green chilli, green pepper, aubergine, age tofu (atu age) and asparagus. It’s great with Bento, a Japanese rice with seaweed and pickles or even just on its own with a beer.

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