Royal China one 68 Dim Sum | Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall North London

Wonderful Patisseries.

Wonderful Patisserie, established in 1989, specialises in Chinese and Japanese desserts and high quality, affordable, special occasion cakes. Our quality ensured an increase in demand and a rapid growth in the business. You may know our shop in the heart of Gerrard Street (London’s China Town). Freshly baked every day, our mix of Asian desserts, snacks and beverages all come with excellent customer service. You’ll find cakes for every occasion: birthdays, weddings, christmas and new year, in a range of delicious flavours including chocolate, pandan, vanilla, strawberry and many others. Why not try our egg tarts or select from an extensive menu of superb buns. Our real speciality is soft Japanese cheese cake, tiger rolls and pandan rolls. These are our customer’s favourite and are availble in strawberry, vanilla and coffee. We also offer the popular Japanese ice cream served in a fish shaped cone, with several different flavours to choose from.

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