Chatime | Taiwanese bubble tea available at Bang Bang Oriental.

Tiger Hill.

Taiwanese-style brown sugar fresh milk tea has arrived at Bang Bang Oriental!

Made of four different types of brown sugar, Tiger Hill combines fresh milk and thick mousse for the ultimate sweet beverage, perfect for that little mid-week treat.

From Singapore to Hong Kong, Tiger Hill has taken Asia by storm with its distinct creamy presentation and tongue-tingling flavour. Prices start from £3.70 and guests can choose from a variety of refreshing drinks including Brown Sugar Boba Milk; Passionfruit Lemon Green Tea; Matcha Green Milk Tea; and Brown Sugar Wintermelon Lemon.

Round your tasty tea off with a selection of toppings including; Tapioca Pearls/Boba; Grass Jelly; Pudding; Coconut Jelly; and Red Beans. All toppings are priced at £0.50.

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