Royal China one 68 Dim Sum | Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall North London

Longji Hong Kong Restaurant.

The Longji Hong Kong Restaurant chain is very popular across southeast Asia. Longji launched twenty years ago and now has restaurants in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. We serve fabulous Chinese meals with influences from Taiwan, Macau, Korea and Singapore. Superb Chinese cuisine but with a distinctively western twist. You really must try our Macau pork burger, one of the best known exports from the island of Macau. Or warm up with super sizzling pork and rice. Watch as our chef prepares the meal in front of you. Alternatively, can you resist pork chop with spaghetti in tomato sauce? A mix of east and west traditions that’s becoming a real favourite. It’s all at Longji and now it’s all in the Bang Bang food hall.

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