Chatime | Taiwanese bubble tea available at Bang Bang Oriental.


This is the ideal place to discover the delights of bubble tea. ‘Cha’ means ‘tea’. So, a trip to Chatime is, quite simply, ‘tea time’. What could be more British? Chatime, founded in Taiwan, is the global expert in bubble tea. With over 1000 stores worldwide, we are committed to recipes that ensure the quality of our drinks remain excellent everywhere they are served . We also offer tapioca, cooked fresh on site every day to maintain its delectable and moreish texture. As well as tapioca we offer six other delicious toppings to choose from. All permanently available and perfect to have with your drinks. At Chatime, we believe there is a bubble tea to suit everyone’s taste. And our helpful staff will be happy to make a recommendation that’s just right for you.

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