Café la Viet | Fresh and nutritious Vietnamese food at Bang Bang Oriental

Café La Viet.

From the busy streets of Hanoi’s old quarters to the dazzling thoroughfares of Saigon, we introduce to you Café La Viet, where the food heart of Vietnam meets communal dining. Always fast, fresh and nutritious, our food is also low in calories, saturated fat and salt. We can offer you a choice of exotic menu options from a glorious, hearty bowl of Pho to the less well known ‘bun thit nuong’: chargrilled pork patties floating in a tangy dipping sauce, served with vermicelli and an assortment of herbs and salad leaves. On Vietnam’s city streets you can always find something cooking, steaming or frying in pots, pans and woks. And now you can experience authentic Vietnamese street food in London, at Café La Viet in the Bang Bang food hall.

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