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Throughout the year, Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall hosts a series of live entertainment events. Colourful, interesting and always fun, these special events generate a fantastic atmosphere in the hall, adding to the warm, lively ambiance. Our events are varied and can range from costumed dance and festival related performances to Asian themed demonstrations. Please check the calender for specific details of forthcoming events, including the dates and times. And If you have any event ideas of your own, you are welcome to get in touch.

The Studios

The mezzanine floor of the Bang Bang Oriental Foodfhall contains two dedicated studio spaces for use by the local community.

Studio one is a fully equipped dance rehearsal room and can be hired for twenty pounds per hour. With its piano and mirror lined walls, the space is ideal for all local dance and entertainment groups to practise or showcase their work,  as well as being a great venue for corporate events and  childrens’ parties. Please check for availability.

Studio two is slightly smaller in size, but still a light and spacious room suitable for meetings and social functions.  Studio two is available completely free of charge as part of our contribution to communal interactivity within the local area.

Please note that anyone using our studio space will need to provide their own cover for public liability insurance.

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